5 life changing days to transform the leader within, while empowering those without...

Reinvigorate yourself and your team with a Noble Adventure

An experience that will:

Challenge your potential
Broaden your global perspective
Build your team cohesion
Create memories as a company built on servant leadership—one that benefits society with meaningful impact

But what is really cool, is you have fun, serve others, and elevate your life’s story while doing it!

In our global villages, we create customized experiences that serve YOU and your most intimate goals and soul felt needs. You will find yourself being able to access that space where your peace, purpose and deepest connection to Earth, to others and to meaning and understanding of all things greater than ourselves.

This is not an everyday experience. This is a journey…

We do not change when we are comfortable. We challenge you to experience people, cultures, the world in a new and exciting light, different than any other professional experience you have experienced. We know you want to create your very best life…

Join for a life changing adventure.

The time is now.


A Sample Itinerary

Every Noble Adventure is unique: the destination, people and experiences will be new each time. That way you can always come back for more and it will be a fresh, exciting new journey. Below is an example of what your Noble Adventure may look like, but always expect the unexpected!


Day 1

Welcome – Set Intentions for your Experience

Mid-Day: Arrive at local airport, check in at local time. Our drivers will meet you and we will travel to the locale to begin the adventure!

3:00 PM: Check-in and Overview of the Week - You’ll be treated to a delicious and filling meal of traditional tea time snacks, local cuisine and afternoon delights. Local beverages may be available and are not to be missed!

4:00 PM: TBD upon locale - We will allow you time to shower, unpack, relax, journal, etc., OR we’ll waste no time getting you out into the village.

7:00 PM: Dinner/Fire Circle - We’ll return from the village and go directly to dinner and the evening coaching session. You’ll be served a gourmet meal in the cozy outdoor setting. We’ll process what you saw and experienced during the afternoon and traveling to our destination and begin diving into exploring your intentions. We will finish with your choice of personal or community activities for you to enjoy.


Day 2

Entering Community as Servant

7:00 AM: Breakfast and Morning Coaching Session - The experience that begins this day, you’ll implement strategies for quieting your thoughts and enhancing your sense perceptions. Breakfast will be served community style. Christina will work with the group to release specific anxiety-producing concerns, discuss challenging habits, and limiting thoughts. As these dissolve, you’ll sense the core of peace that can continue to direct your life long after your adventure is complete.

10:00 AM: The local community will greet us and take us to our project. Community leaders will brief the team on the project, the impact of its completion, and the challenges that may be involved. The team will discuss and decided best roles and responsibilities, with participants challenging themselves to step outside their normal everyday roles. Leaders will become followers and followers will become leaders.

12:00-1:00 PM: Lunch break & rest | 1:00-4:00 PM: Project continues

4:00 PM: Afternoon Integration and Rest - We’ve found that between the jet lag, early mornings and profound insights, that time for rest, reflection and integration is an essential part of the experience. You can nap, journal, take a yoga class, get a massage, just relax in your own way.

6:00 PM: Dinner/Fire Circle – We will be joined by the local community members to have a roundtable discussion around commonalities and differences between cultures. Conversations will be created with provocative Q & A, but the conversation’s development will be shaped organically as people are open to fresh ways of thinking, dispelling misunderstood ideas and sharing hopes and dreams for the future.



Day 3

Leading through Service

7:00 AM: Sunrise - Yoga Session

8:00 AM: Breakfast - Day 2 of Project - Continue project after morning debrief and roles for the day | Mid-morning Coaching Session – Christina will join the group and continue project, but will coach each participant individually as need arises throughout the day. You will begin to understand your own triggers that hinder your best life, and formulate a plan to reshape your life moving forward.

12:00-2:00 PM: Mid-day Integration/Rest Break - Light lunch; Discussions with locals about impact of project, life in country, etc.

2:00-6:00 PM: Wrap up Project - Project Debrief - After reviewing lessons from project, and according to your locale, you will tour the local country attraction and deepen your love of places, people and the spaces within.

6:00 PM: Dinner/Evening Coaching Session - Continuation of the exercise debrief.


Day 4

Exploring New Learning; Embracing Your Power

6:00 AM: Sunrise Activity - This morning begins with a very basic, but exquisite experience: watching nature wake up. From an unusual perspective, you will see the planet’s cycle of life begin. This truly is the greatest show on Earth—and you will learn to appreciate with new eyes, something that is available everyday of your life. The morning hike will be followed by a short guided meditation to honor the moment.

9:00 AM: Breakfast and Morning Coaching Session - Christina will help you transform the ideas and inspiration that are rising to the surface of your consciousness into form. With guidance, you will deepen your understanding of archetypes, and learn the skills necessary to connect into your deeper wisdom so that you may guide your life more confidently and joyfully beyond your noble adventure.

11:30 AM: Midday Adventure - We will spend the afternoon on a special adventure specific to our locale. Go on a game drive through the savannah, zipline above the treetops, raft class 3-4 whitewater rapids, or boat through a waterway bazaar and shop among the colorful bazaars...Whatever the planet and the place has to offer will available to our group.

2:30 PM: Rest and Time to Reflect and Journal - “What I have done with my life so far, and what is my true purpose?” Everyone in civilized society asks this question at some point. When you experience the power of charting your archetypes—you’ll realize that the very skills you need to live your right life are being awakened within you.

4:00 PM: Afternoon Tea/Game Drive or Explore the Mountains on Horseback - This is about practicing your strengthened inner guidance system with true purpose. Here, your inner and outer landscapes begin to merge; nature and your nature become one as you feel the power of animals, their natural instincts and amazing power inspire us to own our own true nature and strengthen our resolve to own who we are and appreciate our inner and outer beauty.

7:00 PM: Dinner/Fire Circle - A celebratory dinner! Expect the unexpected!



Day 5

Review Intentions, Create your “Setpoint” and Say Goodbye

9:00 AM: Final Morning Activity and Group Breakfast - As we begin to say goodbye to this place, we will reflect on the insights and learnings from our service project, the people we’ve met, and the adventure we had with our team. Whatever your personal insights from your noble experience, Christina and the team will help you design a continuing practice to sustain your connection to your true nature.

11:00 AM: Pack, and Check out

12:00 PM: Light Snacks/Refreshments & Final Goodbye - We will be guided through the locals’ city on the way to the airport and view the best of that location. We will further understand the magic of this place of our transformation and give reverence to our growth. This practice will be both intrinsically rewarding and profoundly life-enhancing. We’ll send you off with hugs, group photos and a lifetime of memories.

2:00 PM: Planes Depart for Home

The Noble Experience Highlights

Grapple with complex challenges, and create solutions with thoughtful innovations that could impact the lives of others...you may even discover a new purpose! The world needs you, your ingenuity and ideas…

Come journey with us and help heal one community at a time, while exploring waterfalls and jungles, beaches and forests. Come build an orphanage for innocent victims of poverty and disease, or install a water system for those without clean water. Meet Maasai people who will teach you how to create beautiful beadwork while laughing easily about our different world views.

Explore all our planet has to offer... You may even unearth hopes and dreams you put away for a later date.

Now is the time, this is the year.

Go on your own Noble Adventure, give of yourself through service and discover a world that gives back more to you than you could ever imagine. Join a rich, honorable community of seekers and wayfarers, while creating deep bonds with your professional teammates.

Having the patience to listen to others – particularly those we aim to serve – is central to being a true leader. Listening is an act of empathy, a state of quiet action in which we seek to understand how others think and hope to live their lives.

~ Jacqueline Novogratz ~


Your Journey begins with a simple YES…

Studies show that people are more likely to kindle emotional attachments when they not only work and create together, but when they play together as well. Come play in the world with a Noble Adventure and let your inner self be free. When your company says yes to you and your Noble Adventure, it is giving you compensation beyond personal profit, and gifting you personal power. By accepting this challenge and gift, you are rising to the imagination of your company’s belief in you and saying yes to our world.

Upcoming Noble Adventures

2021 Destinations & Dates

Take a glance at our upcoming Noble Adventures and travel dates by clicking the links below. The specific itinerary will open in a new window/tab.


Coming Soon - October 2021

Mystical Michoacan Mexico
& the celebration of the Dia de Los Muertos

We will work alongside our partners in Zacapu, cleaning waterways of the urban community parks and grounds through a partnership with the Mayor and community leaders. We will educate the youngest community members about sustainable solutions for maintaining the health and beauty of this community. On the second part of our adventure, we will travel to Lago de Patzcuaro’s port to boat to Janitzio Island, the heart of the Dia de los Muertos festival--a celebration of family with reverence and respect for those who have already passed away. We will hike to the top of Janitzio for spectacular views and festivities.

In Dollars: $3000*
In Others: Exponential
In Yourself: Priceless

*does not include RT airfare to/from Mexico
Learn More





Magical Honduras, Community of El Paraiso (The Paradise)
& the tropical island of Roatan

“Agua para El Alma” Water for the Soul Project

Clean water is something many of us take for granted. Yet, the lack of fresh, clean water is something that millions of people across our planet must grapple with on an everyday basis - whether in its quality or quantity. Our Noble Adventure begins with our learning about the water needs of the community and working alongside our partners to build a water pipeline--bringing this life giving liquid to the people of Villa Nueva.

After our project is complete, we will jet off to the beautiful island paradise of Roatan, where we can interact with nature; Swim with dolphins, snorkel with sea turtles, ride horses on the beach or zipline across the treetop jungles of the island!

In Dollars: $3550*
In Others: Exponential
In Yourself: Priceless

*does not include RT airfare to/from Honduras
Learn More

Our life changing adventures take you around the world

True to our belief in the transformative power of journeys both personal and shared, we believe travel should be a force for good. Our goal is to help sustain and support destinations we love.

We will explore the must-sees, but we go even further. Our culturally immersive experiences benefit the local community but the ripple effect of the experience carry on for much longer after we have left. We are proud to partner with programs that impact various areas of focus, particularly clean water initiatives, sustainable microenterprise, and programs that empower our youth which include education and youth leadership initiatives.

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find the answers to some common questions. Of course, anytime before we embark on our adventure, feel free to call us with any unique questions not answered below.

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You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you stop to look FEAR in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.

~ Eleanor Roosevelt ~

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