Join us for

5 days of deeply passionate, deeply spiritual & wildly exotic experiences

in the beautiful state of Michoacan, Mexico

Celebrate Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, a ritual that has endured since Pre-Columbian times, with all the cultural identity and beliefs, natural beauty, vibrant colors, and rich traditions.


Dias de los Muertos Itinerary


Day 1

Welcome – Set Intentions for your Experience

6:00 AM: Arrive at Morelia International Airport. Be greeted by Rafael, the Noble Adventures Director of Collaboratives to transport you to our accommodations at Cabanas Legoverde and begin our adventure!

7:00 AM: Check-in to our Cabanas LegoVerde - You’ll be treated to delicious fresh squeezed tropical juices for the mornings. We will take time to get will get settled in rooms, and will allow time for rest from the overnight flights. Take time to unpack, relax and refresh, and/or explore the grounds around you. You’ll find that the natural beauty and tranquility of the Cabanas will draw you further away from your everyday life and deeper into peace.

2:00 PM: Lunch and intention setting. Overview of the projects - We will get to meet the rest of the team, who will fill us in on the next day’s project, and about its development and impact on the community. We will then go directly to dinner, which will be served with the Zacapu Rotary Club members. You’ll be served a beautiful meal in the cozy and friendly setting of Zacapu.

7:30 PM: Fire Circle - Christina will work with the group to begin releasing any specific anxiety-producing concerns and discuss personal challenges that may have arisen. We’ll process what you saw and experienced during the afternoon traveling to our destination and begin diving into and setting your personal intentions for the week.

On this first evening, we find that participants are tired from travel, but often wired from sensory overload. All of this is normal, so we hold space for this first night for people to be gentle with themselves and decide what they need to become comfortable and rested for the week ahead.


Day 2

Entering Community as Servant

6:30 AM: Body awakening with Yoga stretches - Through the experience that begins this day, you’ll implement strategies for quieting your thoughts and enhancing your sensory perceptions.

7:00 AM: Breakfast and Morning Group Learning Session – 10 Principles of Servant Leadership | Breakfast will be served community style. Christina will briefly teach the foundational ideas of being a Servant Leader. As these principles are adopted by the group, Christina will work with the group to create teams for the day’s work.

9:00 AM: Travel to our service project - Leaders will brief the team on the project, the impact of its completion, and the challenges that may be involved. The team will discuss and decide best roles and responsibilities, with participants challenging themselves to step outside their normal everyday roles. Leaders will become followers and followers will become leaders.

1-2 PM: Lunch Break | 2-4:30 PM: – Project continues

5:00 PM: Return to Cabanas | Afternoon Integration and Rest - We’ve found that between the jet lag, early mornings, and project work, time for rest, reflection and integration is an essential part of the experience. You can shower, nap, journal, or relax outside and take in the view. We will offer a guided meditation for those who seek deep relaxation and stress relief.

7:00 PM: Dinner/Fire Circle – We will be joined by the local community members to have a roundtable discussion around commonalities and differences between cultures. Conversations will be created with provocative Q & A, but the conversation’s development will be shaped organically as people are open to fresh ways of thinking, dispelling misunderstood ideas and sharing hopes and dreams for the future. Review of the mornings teachings on Servant Leadership will be discussed. Storytelling offers powerful metaphors for life which can be understood in every language. We will utilize the commonality in life story to deepen cross-cultural understanding.



Day 3

Conscious Leading through Service

6:30 AM: Optional Morning Sunrise Stretching and Meditation

7:00 AM: Pillars of Conscious Leadership taught by Christina: Exploration of your values and leadership style

8:00 AM: Breakfast

9:00 AM: Day 2 of Project – Continue project after morning debrief and roles for the day based on previous day’s learnings | Coaching Session Availability – Christina will join the group and continue project but will be available to coach each participant individually as need arises. You will begin to process viscerally understand how serving is the ideal metaphor for finding your best self and creating new ideas for life. Triggers that hinder your best life will be explored, and a plan developed to reshape your life moving forward.

1:00 PM: Lunch | Mid-day Integration/Rest Break

2:00 PM: Project Debrief – After reviewing lessons from people and the project, we will tour the local country attractions and deepen your love of places, people and the work you have done. We will also give a brief introduction to the days ahead beginning with information about the 4 Magical Cities of Michoacan. We will be visiting 3 of the 4 and exploring the historic capital city of Morelia.

3:00 PM: Surprise Outing and Event | 6:00 PM: Dinner

7:00 PM: Evening Session/ - Realizing your Life’s Contracts – Christina will teach the team about Archetypal work from Sacred Contracts. Partners will be chosen to “cast” each person. Permission is given to own this or not, but insights will be had along the way regardless. As you are becoming more conscious of your presence in the world, new understandings may emerge and need space to be clarified.


Day 4

Celebration of Dia de los Muertos Begins

7:30 AM: Breakfast

9:00 AM: Morning Overview of Excursion details – Travel to Festival in Patzcuaro’. Spend day and Evening celebrating the Festivals dotting the Colonial city of Patzcuaro. Return later to cabanas for sleep.

Day 5

Boating Excursion to the Island of Janitzio

8:00 AM: Breakfast at Cabanas Legoverde

9:00 AM: Travel to Lago de Patzcuaro’s port to boat to Janitzio Island, the heart of the Dia de los Muertos celebration. We will hike to the top for spectacular views and festivities. A history of the festival will be given upon arrival so there is a deep understanding and appreciation of the culture of these people and their ancient traditions.



Day 6

Receiving Your Practice

8:00 AM: Final Day, Breakfast and Closing Session Whatever your personal insights from the Noble experience, Christina and the team will help you design a continuing practice to sustain your connection to your true nature. This practice will be both intrinsically rewarding and profoundly life-enhancing.

9:00 AM: Depart for Morelia – Sightseeing Tour bus around the beautiful colonial city of Morelia, the Capital city of Michoacan. The city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its well-preserved colonial buildings and layout of the historic center.

12 Noon: Depart for Morelia International Airport to return back to the USA - We’ll send you off with hugs, group photos and a lifetime of memories.

Here’s the thing about a Noble Adventure—you will be in-country with an entire team completely dedicated to creating a unique, fantastic and memorable experience for you. It is also a developing nation, so things are always paradoxical - simpler and often more difficult. While we publish this schedule to give you a sense of how the days flow, please know my team and I will be changing things up along the way—all of it geared toward giving you the best experience ever.

~ Christina Dyer ~


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